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⚠️Info received for all U12 coaches , down to nursery 👇  A Chairde
Please find attached the silent sidelines which come into effect immediately for all Galway Games and Go Games from under 12 down. This also includes challenge games and tournament games.

Galway Silent Sidelines Regulations 2024
All Under 12 games& all Go Games will have ‘Silent Sidelines’. This means mentors and supporters must not talk to or shout at players, referees or other mentors during play. 
Individuals and clubs who breach these regulations will receive an appropriate sanction..
• One mentor who shall be designated as the Bainisteoir may coach their players during breaks in play and when making substitutions. 
• No directing or coaching advice from any other adults is allowed at any time.
• A break in play for Silent Sidelines is defined as when the play is stopped after a score or wide or for a free, sideline kick/kick or when the referee has stopped play for medical attention to an injured player.
• Mentors may also talk to players before, at halftime and after each game. 
• Shouting or directing from the sidelines is prohibited.
• Referees have the authority to terminate games if ‘Silent Sidelines’ are not adhered to. 
• Supporters may clap and congratulate scoring and positive behaviour, but the adults are prohibited from coaching their players from the sideline. This allows the players to make decisions for themselves, without having adults shouting 5 or 6 different instructions at them.
• Questioning or challenging the decisions of match Officials is prohibited.
• All patrons must remain outside the pitch fencing where available and, in any event,must be at least two metres outside the pitch.
• The Bainisteoir / Manager must stand in the designated area and is not permitted to enter field of play under any circumstance.
• Selectors must stand in the designated area and may not act as Water/Hurley Carriers.
• Maoir Uisce/Camain may not enter the field of play.
• Medical person may only enter field of play to attend to injured players.
• Club Secretary & Chairperson along with the Bainisteoir have the responsibility of ensuring the Games Regulations are respected by players and members of team management.

• To eradicate aggressive and abusive behaviour from mentors, players, and spectators. 
• To promote zero tolerance of defamatory comments or foul language, be it racial or discriminatory, towards referees, fellow players, and other supporters.
• To promote an environment for sportsmanship and fair play in underage sport. 
• To provide education to adults and young people on the importance of respectand just letting the children play.
• To encourage safe participation for players and spectators.
• To encourage mentors to observe, take notes and coach only when absolutely required.
• To allow children's voices to be heard over adults’ voices.
• To not get so emotionally involved with their child's sport.
• To allow children make mistakes without being ridiculed.
• To bring funback into the game.

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